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Quantum Genesis

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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

These first words of the King James Version of the Hebrew Bible could not be more aligned with present day science and physics. It aligns perfectly with cosmology, the Big Bang theory and with Quantum physics discovered by mathematical formula a century ago and to date the most verified of all scientific theories describing our manifest reality.

Quantum physics describes a subtle energy field without form, a vast dark void from which all is manifested in the light of the Observer’s gaze.

Genesis offers a highly condensed six-day version of what Darwin and science argue took place over millions and  billions of years.

Its author(s) were mainly interested not so much in the science or mechanics and of God’s miraculous act of Creation as they were in getting to the allegorical stories of the Garden of Eden, Adam, Eve, serpent, apple, knowledge of good and evil, expulsion, brother killing brother rather than acting as his keeper and so forth.

All that we humans perceive is constructed by a gelatinous brain organ that sits in complete darkness within an hydraulically sealed chamber protected by a hardened skull casing. The brain’s only input comes via hardwiring from our five senses and its output is everything we perceive as real.

We do not experience anything directly and we do not perceive reality as it is but rather as our brain constructs it to be. Turns out we do not live on a flat planet around which the sun and  revolve. But it sure seems like it.

Today most of the seven billion human inhabitants of earth know the earth is a round rocky planet that orbits the sum and that our perceptual interpretation of what looks like observed reality is plenty good enough for survival but woefully inaccurate in terms of the truth of reality.

Genesis offers up the horrifically violent tale of one brother killing the other in an impulsive act of jealousy and rage. So within the first few paragraphs of Genesis we have an all powerful God creator followed by seduction, betrayal, shame, guilt, expulsion and murder.

Sadly, except perhaps for the miraculous creator part, the darker early themes in Genesis seem alive and present in today’s world.

Darwin’s ground breaking On the Origin of Species posits pressures exerted by survival of the fittest competition for limited resources as the driving engine of evolutionary diversification, creation and progression of species.

What if we are here to transcend the violent godless world of evolution where prey is devoured by predator which then becomes prey for another species and so forth up the survival based food chain? What if we are not actually our bodies or our thoughts or feelings? What if we can see and live peacefully beyond the illusions and delusions of our limited perceptual capacities?

According to QM, we the unified collective observer creates all that we see and misconstrue as objective reality. What is real is our presence (or “presencing”) and what is unreal is all we project therefrom. It’s not as though I won’t die if run over by a bus. The truth, however, is that my embodied existence on earth would cease to be viable and the only true I, the is-ing of my is-ness, would continue uninterrupted.

*more to follow…


*After writing the above musings, I came across a book called Genesis Revisited by Sitchin in which he details many of science’s latest findings that were already known some 5,000 years ago and written in cuneiform clay tablets by the Sumerians. (please see



I AM now here & nowhere

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I am pure being, now here & always nowhere.


I’ve grown to love the awareness of a priori being and easy manner of Advaita Master called Sri Baba Mooji — — I think of him as the Big Cat who smiles with his eyes and loves with his gentle voice — versus what I perceive as a more mind based academic style of, say, two mindful heroes of mine such as Eckard Tolle or the brilliant nondual unfindable inquiry addiction specialist Scott Giloby —


Mooji is effortless, easily accessible and deeply intuitive (not strangely abstract at times and ‘oh so serious’ at other times as I find Tolle’s approach to similar wisdom teachings.


Mooji is playful, clear as day, and Socratic in his simple inquiry with himself and others.


Mooji’s gentle “pointings” are staggeringly powerful — he offers a simple return to the first experience we all share, that of just being, the Pure Observing Self that is a calm effortless conscious presence, the restful dropping in to being just here — not as a personal self, not as a body, but as that which observes and experiences the embodied self from an impersonal and unconcerned place that I call divine in nature, we the observing witness to the unfolding of space and time!


NOW HERE & NO WHERE is a quantum superposition of being in two places at once and not involved in a personal sense in either, there is no history or desire and literally there is no skin in the perceived game of life!


This is Vishnu’s answer to the call of war in the Bhagavad Gita


When we relax into just being here, we are pure self-aware observer, always and already now here & nowhere!


JUST HERE is perhaps an easier way to say the I am that is now here & nowhere.

Just here is the “it” or the “isness” that is our particular perspective that is also inseparable from the IT or I AM or “ising” of collective consciousness, of cosmic consciousness as Observer or Source or God, etc.

It is our foundational and fundamental nondual nature prior to personhood, the Self before the self, so the closest pronoun is “it” — as in I am the it that is, the is-ing that is pure presence.

The Just Here that I AM

  • is not a body
  • has no gender
  • has no identity
  • has no form
  • cannot be conditioned
  • is at cause and never at effect
  • has no need or memory or desire
  • is not the seeker
  • is impersonal yet fully engaged in all that is.

As a quantum Superposition, Just Here is outside time and space – it therefore occupies all space and all time, including the spacetime of the now as perceived by the personal self.

Our observing now here & nowhere is nobody and is also that which observes and in-forms the universe.



It is the personal self that has a conditioned identity; that identifies as a body and seeks things it perceives as existing outside of itself and which it imagines it needs in order to feel whole or complete, including the love and approval of others. The personal self fears the abandonment separation it already experienced at birth (or perhaps at conception and in utero).


The personal ego is created spontaneously and unconsciously by the personal self’s experience of the overwhelming and catastrophic birth trauma of coming into being. This is the origin of our sense of fear and separation. The militarized ego defense force is mobilized to counter perceived threats to the personal self’s very existence.


More to follow…

In the Shadow of Eden

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Is a New Golden Age coming? Is the long awaited messianic end of times about to unfold before our very eyes?  Is the threat of return to a Dark Age of Tribal Fundamentalism and a looming extinction level event, both on a global scale, enough to awaken our collective human consciousness?  Are we on the threshold of a new world order based in the love, generosity and reciprocal empathy we have yearned for ever since our expulsion from the metaphorical Garden of Eden?

Perhaps we cannot un-bite the apple that gave us self-aware knowledge of good and evil however what if we could return to the river that flowed from Eden with maturity, wisdom and dialectical acceptance allowing us to begin anew with loving kindness grounded in forgiveness and mutual compassion?

What if Cain was not jealous of his brother Abel’s success in currying the favor of God but instead simply asked his brother for help joining him in the bounty they could share in and prosper in together? Would the vengeful and judging God of the Judeo-Christian Bible and of the Kor’an transform into the loving, compassionate and forgiving God of Rabbi Jeshua’s alleged teachings per the Gnostic Gospels? Or perhaps the cycle of downfall to rebirth and back again is the inevitable flow of a more circular wheel of history and nature of the human struggle as we multiply forward and swell en masse into the billions at the start of a new millennium if you go by the Greco-Roman Christian calendar?

We seem to be at an historical crossroads eerily similar to the 1930s rise of fascism leading to WWII and the change and unrest of the 1960s. The clash today seems to be about the established forces of the Status Quo in terms of continuing and violent exploitation of peoples and land resources via the entrenched and biased in favor of the privileged few Capitalistic world order v. the boiling over of anger and hatred of the exploited masses rooted in Nationalistic movements and the equally violent ethno-religious Tribalism and the accompanying return to radical fundamentalism and wanton terrorist violence. A so-called and reductive clash of civilizations with lines drawn in the oily sand and water flows of ancient geographic power differentials meets the unprecedented global interconnectedness of people and ideologies and nations below respective governmental control and propaganda.

Will instant access to one another as well as to all of human knowledge in precedented scale dwarfing the famed library of Alexandria  and approaching the depth and level of the Akashec records (however grounded in historical records of seeming factual truths of varying perceptual interpretations, some mythical in nature and/or wholly made-up) but entirely dependent of an electrical grid and satellite technology all vulnerable to instant black-out and regression to pre-industrial societal structure or lack thereof…

Have we crossed an invisible threshold of imbalance leading to an inevitable large scale extinction level event and impending purge of life fighting for survival on a feverish planet earth? While terrifying and uncertain to say the least, might this be a necessary destructive cleansing clearing the way for renewal and rebirth?

Does there need to be darkness and regression to the worst in us before we awaken to the light and love of our better selves?

Quantum Love!

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Quantum mechanics was first introduced by theoretical physicists at the turn of the last century. Despite it being the most researched and validated theory in the history of physics, scientists and academics the world over have been unwilling to fully embrace its radically metaphysical reinterpretation of reality and the underlying quantum energy field that comprises the fabric of all space and time.

Maybe the unscientific resistance to its own post-modern truth is because it returns science back to something closer to the mystical teachings of the Dark Ages it replaced ushering in the Enlightenment to the west back in the 15th century. I suggest this because Quantum theory REQUIRES a god-like Observer to create everything we can see, hear smell, taste and feel! And that everything in creation from nothing!

Nothing (no-thing) is another word for the metaphysical nature of the quantum zero-point energy field from which all of physical materiality emerges and to which it ultimately returns. Maybe we resist fully embracing Quantum theory because it parallels a bit too closely the creation story in Genesis in which the unnamed God of the Hebrew Bible (who tells Moses to refer to Him as, “I am That I am”) that created everything from “the Void” and finally He created human beings in His own Image!

Maybe because science is based in logic and can validate only that which is detectable or measurable by the five human senses, and is based entirely in the notion of objective truth and an objective physical universe that exists separate and completely independent of subjective human consciousness, and most painful of all based in the fundamental positivistic belief that physical objects, though made up of 99.99% empty space, are separate and self-contained.

On a human scale, science insists that we human beings live entirely separate live and by definition we are separate from any abstract and unverifiable notion of a Creator from whom we remain separate and alone. This exposes relative inhumanity of science in  that all of what makes life interesting and meaningful, our personal experiences, our private thoughts and feelings, our love for others, etc. do not technically exist in any certain sense as  as they are outside the purview of direct scientific observation and study!

Maybe in the last analysis it is just too much woo woo and hubris for we scientifically minded thinkers to own the Quantum truth that we are inseparable from the Observing Consciousness that created and continues to create this vast universe that always and already in continual evolving and based on our shared observing and informing presence!

Our perception of an objective physical reality as undeniable, fundamental and foundational to science is likely the latest of simple human perceptions or reality to be proven incorrect and necessitating a radical paradigm shift that we as a collective of human consciousness must eventually embrace (as we eventually did when we learned the earth was not flat despite it seeming so; that the sun, moon, planets and stars did not revolve around us, or that we were the the masters or our own mind and not the unrelenting force of our unconscious emotional ego, etc.) the mysterious realm of quantum mechanics and general relativity which superseded Newtonian materialist physics at the turn of the last century.

We as self-aware conscious human beings are by virtue of quantum mathematical definition the very co-creators who subjectively create and created all of space and time and all the manifested materiality of all the galaxies, stars and planets within the vast universe, including of course our home planet earth which is in spacetime context an almost infinitesimally tiny spec in an incomprehensibly large but finite universe according to scientists who calculate the universe to be continually expanding since it is thought to have come into being with a bang 13.7 billion earth years ago.

We know according to science that even in the inescapable and unimaginable atom tearing gravitational forces within the event horizon of all super-massive black holes located at the center of all known galaxies, that the information carried by all the matter sucked in and destroyed remains intact and unharmed in orbit just outside the event horizon. In a very real sense then, information continues in-forming our expanding universe that is always and already in-formation.

The information left behind my all matter that has ever existed in the universe is stored in a library of sorts that mystics as far back as recorded civilization have referred to as the Akashic Field (please see Ervin Laszlo’s wonderful book, “Science and the Akashic Field,  An Integral Theory of Everything,” 2nd Edition 2007).

This vast and always expanding storehouse of universal information is thought by those who believe in such things as the very purpose of the creation of space and time to begin with  — to inform the eternal observer about Itself via the felt thought forms we self-aware conscious beings leave behind as residue as universes populate, grow, dissolve via entropy and bang out now ones that keep the endless supply on information flowing!

The primacy of consciousness as a non-dual realm superordinate to science which is grounded in material duality, the language of mathematics, mental logic, and the five known human senses.Consciousness, intuition and intent are but a few examples of everyday experience well beyond the experimental measuring capability of natural science.

In fact, a unified theory of relativity and quantum mechanics that Einstein failed to find is precisely on point in that the field of unity in question is a full order of magnitude larger than the scientific realm that produced and verified both game changing theories in the first place! 

My professional intent is to apply the untapped and holistic healing potential of quantum theory to the fields of psychology and neuropsychology as well as to new and significantly more effective approaches to mind/body/brain wellness, treatment and integration with medical practice, including the treatment of addiction as an overarching dysfunctional  behavioral pattern inherent in the imbalance of work, play & love in the western world.

more to follow…

Insatiable Knowledge Seeking

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As an older knowledge seeker forever hungry to deepen my understanding of all things esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical I was used to feeling restless, unsatisfied, needing to devour more and more knowledge having to do with ancient wisdom texts and practices & any and all quantum related ideas of the true nature of underlying reality that were not to technical for my non-physicist mind. How to accept and be at peace with not knowing? I know the importance of letting go, enjoying the mystery and awe of our lived existence and the unfathomable mysteries inherent a universe thought to be infinite and yet bounded in time?

The answers of course can be found in ancient Sanskrit text, Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, mystical writing of all faiths, the teaching of the Buddha, of Rabbi Jeshua (aka Jesus of Nazareth), and in the lives of Mahatma Gandhi , Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela to name a few.

And no in the Internet Age with seemingly unlimited access to all recorded human knowledge, how and when does the hungry mind and unquenchable thirst for ever more and more knowing ever cease? Turns out the addictive nature of the human mind with no cut-off switch for curiosity requires non-dual programming to genuinely be at rest.

The ubiquitous human delusion of the primacy of duality & the liberation of non-dual inquiry into this flawed cause of much of  human suffering at cause of the experience of hell here on earth: the false perception of human separateness & deficiency.

more to follow…


Please see Scott Giloby’s recent work on a potentially life altering approach to this dilemma:


Original Trauma Healing

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I have been working on an approach to healing trauma as far back as our inevitable pre-verbal birth trauma and even as far back as in-utero trauma. I see these earliest or original traumatic experiences as both unavoidable and as the underlying cause of our defensive human nature. What if we could “erase” the earliest template of pre-verbal unmitigated terror embodied by all newborns? Is there a possibility we could become less defensively reactive as a species and collectively capable of creating a world each of us longs for, one based in love, generosity and reciprocal empathy?

more to follow…

see Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation by Ecker, Ticic & Hully (2012)

see Memory Reconsolidation in Psychotherapy: The Neuropsychotherapist Special Issue (2015)

My eye and I

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Limbic resonance is believed to be the mechanism of love, as in the mammalian attachment bond between child offspring & parent (also known as imprinting) as well as all subsequent emotional connection between human beings (please see A General Theory of Love by Lewis, Amini & Lanon, 2001

Our limbic or mid-brain structure is the emotional center of the human brain. Above it is the cortex which serves mainly to inhibit unnecessarily reactive emotional impulses and which is also responsible for thinking, logic and language communication. Below is the brain stem, or reptilian brain that attaches to the spine. It is responsible for basic life functions such as breathing, keeping the heart beating, as well as hunger, primitive defensive functions to avoid being eaten, etc.

Eye contact between we humans triggers a mutual limbic response responsible for a shared and felt sense of reciprocal connection that happens instantly and on an unconsciously level. We often refer to this experience in terms of the kind of vibe I’m picking up about her or him. When we recognize the facial features of a friend or lover or family member and make eye contact with them, our mutual limbic or emotional brain centers resonate.

This limbic resonance occurs on an automatic, instinctual and unconscious level. We might translate the feeling it creates as love, an attachment bond that essentially says, “do no harm, we are attached and on the same team, no need to raise defenses to fight or run away, it’s cool to be here together.”

When we look into our own eyes in a mirror or via an app like Skype, I am curious to explore the phenomenon I call LIMBIC SELF-RESONANCE or simply LSR.

I created the url to explore and one day do research into the potential healing power of LSR as part of a quantum nondual brain/mind/body treatment program under the umbrella of Original Trauma Healing & Emotion Reconsilidation or OTHER therapy.

That day is hopefully right around the bend 😉

more to follow…

Love v. Fear

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Where there is light, darkness disappears and shadow arrises

Where there is love, fear disappears and trust arrises

I see the range of emotions on an overarching continuum with love, openness, vulnerability on one end and fear, constriction and defensiveness at the other. It is perhaps easiest to illustrate when observing a family of deer calmly grazing until the instant an unexpected sound occurs. Calm grazing to instant head popping in frozen attention eyes and ears locked with laser-like precision and a slow return to grazing. We see the equivalent of this sudden shift from relaxed posture to erect vigilance in all mammalian species.

These fundamentally opposing feelings of love and fear echo through the experiences of peace and war, calm and panic, light and dark, open and closed, and on and on. For the most part, most animals are either relaxed and foraging or freaked and tensing to fight, flee, freeze or appease. Survival of any species requires the former for energy and reproduction and the latter for competitive defensive purposes.

Unlike the outside world for which our brains have evolved capabilities for survival (such as facial and other pattern recognition, the ability to think and plan a course of action, a fight/flight freeze or appease mechanism to instantly and unconsciously mobilize for action, etc.) our internal felt sense of self requires a very different set of skills to master.

More to follow….

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