My name is Ken Meyer.


I’m a Clinical Psychologist and have been working in the field of clinical psychology since 1989.


Why am I creating this website?

I would like to share some of what I’ve studied & learned about the human condition after almost 30 years in the field of clinical psychology.

I’ll blog about how I think and feel regarding the challenges we all face in finding purpose, meaning and a genuine sense of inner peace as human beings living this particular life at this particular time.

I shall also share the wisdom and writings and videos of those who have profoundly influenced me along the way on my personal journey.

At our core, we are pure awareness independent of the stories our conditioned mind keeps telling us about who we are and how the world works.

My ultimate goal in creating this website is to help you and me rekindle our natural spark to be the loving beings we always and already were before this life impinged upon our freedom!  


Self-recovery is an incremental process of liberation from defensive ego conditioning.


It requires mindful effort and unyielding courage.

This website is about my journey toward self-recovery and ultimately to the Source of Being that lies at the center of all life.


May it inspire and bring hope to you & others on our respective yet deeply intertwined journeys.

-Ken Meyer, June 2013