Welcome!  My name is Ken Meyer. I’m a Clinical Psychologist and have been working in the field of clinical psychology since 1989.

Why am I creating this website?

After more than half a lifetime of listening, helping and inspiring others to get unstuck, to get out of their heads, and to become more familiar and accepting of all their felt experiences, I sense it is time for me to share what I’ve learned about the human condition and how I currently think and feel about the meaning and purpose of life.

I remain passionate about and inspired by a post-evolutionary vision of humanity.

Neither survival-dependent nor fear-based, we no longer need to control, or force, or defend ourselves against domination by the other. Instead, we are conscious of our mutual vulnerability and fragility as embodied beings, living together empathically in reciprocity, emotionally healed and fully forgiven.

Perceiving ourselves as fully differentiated yet interdependent, we are capable of sustaining a collective and ecological existence while also sharing a bountiful world teeming with life and love in all its manifestations.

As self-aware human beings, everyone’s personal identity and emotional conditioning is necessarily forged in the captive and searing crucible of early family life.  Of course, the “outside” world is vastly larger and more complex than the limiting microcosm of experiences within which we grow-up. We can easily live our lives completely unaware of the unlived portions of life that we don’t ever know we didn’t get to know.

This website is dedicated to inspiring you to find your original sense of values, meaning and purpose.  Encouraging and empowering you to risk undoing your earliest emotional conditioning and defensive ego formation.  It requires effort and courage to fully embrace the limitless potential with which we are endowed to create who we are and what kind of world we live in.

If we stop growing and learning everyday about who we are, we stop being curious about life. If we convince ourselves, “That’s just how I’ve always been, that’s who I am and just the way Im wired, that’s all,” how can we know who we are truly capable of being?

My ultimate goal in creating this website is to help me and you rekindle our natural desire and latent capacity to become who we aren’t even aware we already are!!

Self-recovery is a process of incremental liberation from defensive ego conditioning. It requires mindful effort and unyielding courage. This website is about my journey towards and beyond self-recovery. May it inspire and bring hope to you and others on their respective life’s journey.

-Ken Meyer, June 2013