Insatiable Knowledge Seeking

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As an older knowledge seeker forever hungry to deepen my understanding of all things esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical I was used to feeling restless, unsatisfied, needing to devour more and more knowledge having to do with ancient wisdom texts and practices & any and all quantum related ideas of the true nature of underlying reality that were not to technical for my non-physicist mind. How to accept and be at peace with not knowing? I know the importance of letting go, enjoying the mystery and awe of our lived existence and the unfathomable mysteries inherent a universe thought to be infinite and yet bounded in time?

The answers of course can be found in ancient Sanskrit text, Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, mystical writing of all faiths, the teaching of the Buddha, of Rabbi Jeshua (aka Jesus of Nazareth), and in the lives of Mahatma Gandhi , Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela to name a few.

And no in the Internet Age with seemingly unlimited access to all recorded human knowledge, how and when does the hungry mind and unquenchable thirst for ever more and more knowing ever cease? Turns out the addictive nature of the human mind with no cut-off switch for curiosity requires non-dual programming to genuinely be at rest.

The ubiquitous human delusion of the primacy of duality & the liberation of non-dual inquiry into this flawed cause of much of  human suffering at cause of the experience of hell here on earth: the false perception of human separateness & deficiency.

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Please see Scott Giloby’s recent work on a potentially life altering approach to this dilemma:


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