I AM now here & nowhere

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I am pure being, now here & always nowhere.


I’ve grown to love the awareness of a priori being and easy manner of Advaita Master called Sri Baba Mooji — https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mooji — I think of him as the Big Cat who smiles with his eyes and loves with his gentle voice — versus what I perceive as a more mind based academic style of, say, two mindful heroes of mine such as Eckard Tolle or the brilliant nondual unfindable inquiry addiction specialist Scott Giloby — https://www.youtube.com/user/Scottkiloby.


Mooji is effortless, easily accessible and deeply intuitive (not strangely abstract at times and ‘oh so serious’ at other times as I find Tolle’s approach to similar wisdom teachings.


Mooji is playful, clear as day, and Socratic in his simple inquiry with himself and others.


Mooji’s gentle “pointings” are staggeringly powerful — he offers a simple return to the first experience we all share, that of just being, the Pure Observing Self that is a calm effortless conscious presence, the restful dropping in to being just here — not as a personal self, not as a body, but as that which observes and experiences the embodied self from an impersonal and unconcerned place that I call divine in nature, we the observing witness to the unfolding of space and time!


NOW HERE & NO WHERE is a quantum superposition of being in two places at once and not involved in a personal sense in either, there is no history or desire and literally there is no skin in the perceived game of life!


This is Vishnu’s answer to the call of war in the Bhagavad Gita


When we relax into just being here, we are pure self-aware observer, always and already now here & nowhere!


JUST HERE is perhaps an easier way to say the I am that is now here & nowhere.

Just here is the “it” or the “isness” that is our particular perspective that is also inseparable from the IT or I AM or “ising” of collective consciousness, of cosmic consciousness as Observer or Source or God, etc.

It is our foundational and fundamental nondual nature prior to personhood, the Self before the self, so the closest pronoun is “it” — as in I am the it that is, the is-ing that is pure presence.

The Just Here that I AM

  • is not a body
  • has no gender
  • has no identity
  • has no form
  • cannot be conditioned
  • is at cause and never at effect
  • has no need or memory or desire
  • is not the seeker
  • is impersonal yet fully engaged in all that is.

As a quantum Superposition, Just Here is outside time and space – it therefore occupies all space and all time, including the spacetime of the now as perceived by the personal self.

Our observing now here & nowhere is nobody and is also that which observes and in-forms the universe.



It is the personal self that has a conditioned identity; that identifies as a body and seeks things it perceives as existing outside of itself and which it imagines it needs in order to feel whole or complete, including the love and approval of others. The personal self fears the abandonment separation it already experienced at birth (or perhaps at conception and in utero).


The personal ego is created spontaneously and unconsciously by the personal self’s experience of the overwhelming and catastrophic birth trauma of coming into being. This is the origin of our sense of fear and separation. The militarized ego defense force is mobilized to counter perceived threats to the personal self’s very existence.


More to follow…

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