My eye and I

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Limbic resonance is believed to be the mechanism of love, as in the mammalian attachment bond between child offspring & parent (also known as imprinting) as well as all subsequent emotional connection between human beings (please see A General Theory of Love by Lewis, Amini & Lanon, 2001

Our limbic or mid-brain structure is the emotional center of the human brain. Above it is the cortex which serves mainly to inhibit unnecessarily reactive emotional impulses and which is also responsible for thinking, logic and language communication. Below is the brain stem, or reptilian brain that attaches to the spine. It is responsible for basic life functions such as breathing, keeping the heart beating, as well as hunger, primitive defensive functions to avoid being eaten, etc.

Eye contact between we humans triggers a mutual limbic response responsible for a shared and felt sense of reciprocal connection that happens instantly and on an unconsciously level. We often refer to this experience in terms of the kind of vibe I’m picking up about her or him. When we recognize the facial features of a friend or lover or family member and make eye contact with them, our mutual limbic or emotional brain centers resonate.

This limbic resonance occurs on an automatic, instinctual and unconscious level. We might translate the feeling it creates as love, an attachment bond that essentially says, “do no harm, we are attached and on the same team, no need to raise defenses to fight or run away, it’s cool to be here together.”

When we look into our own eyes in a mirror or via an app like Skype, I am curious to explore the phenomenon I call LIMBIC SELF-RESONANCE or simply LSR.

I created the url to explore and one day do research into the potential healing power of LSR as part of a quantum nondual brain/mind/body treatment program under the umbrella of Original Trauma Healing & Emotion Reconsilidation or OTHER therapy.

That day is hopefully right around the bend 😉

more to follow…

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