Love v. Fear

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Where there is light, darkness disappears and shadow arrises

Where there is love, fear disappears and trust arrises

I see the range of emotions on an overarching continuum with love, openness, vulnerability on one end and fear, constriction and defensiveness at the other. It is perhaps easiest to illustrate when observing a family of deer calmly grazing until the instant an unexpected sound occurs. Calm grazing to instant head popping in frozen attention eyes and ears locked with laser-like precision and a slow return to grazing. We see the equivalent of this sudden shift from relaxed posture to erect vigilance in all mammalian species.

These fundamentally opposing feelings of love and fear echo through the experiences of peace and war, calm and panic, light and dark, open and closed, and on and on. For the most part, most animals are either relaxed and foraging or freaked and tensing to fight, flee, freeze or appease. Survival of any species requires the former for energy and reproduction and the latter for competitive defensive purposes.

Unlike the outside world for which our brains have evolved capabilities for survival (such as facial and other pattern recognition, the ability to think and plan a course of action, a fight/flight freeze or appease mechanism to instantly and unconsciously mobilize for action, etc.) our internal felt sense of self requires a very different set of skills to master.

More to follow….

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