Quantum Genesis

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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

These first words of the King James Version of the Hebrew Bible could not be more aligned with present day science and physics. It aligns perfectly with cosmology, the Big Bang theory and with Quantum physics discovered by mathematical formula a century ago and to date the most verified of all scientific theories describing our manifest reality.

Quantum physics describes a subtle energy field without form, a vast dark void from which all is manifested in the light of the Observer’s gaze.

Genesis offers a highly condensed six-day version of what Darwin and science argue took place over millions and  billions of years.

Its author(s) were mainly interested not so much in the science or mechanics and of God’s miraculous act of Creation as they were in getting to the allegorical stories of the Garden of Eden, Adam, Eve, serpent, apple, knowledge of good and evil, expulsion, brother killing brother rather than acting as his keeper and so forth.

All that we humans perceive is constructed by a gelatinous brain organ that sits in complete darkness within an hydraulically sealed chamber protected by a hardened skull casing. The brain’s only input comes via hardwiring from our five senses and its output is everything we perceive as real.

We do not experience anything directly and we do not perceive reality as it is but rather as our brain constructs it to be. Turns out we do not live on a flat planet around which the sun and  revolve. But it sure seems like it.

Today most of the seven billion human inhabitants of earth know the earth is a round rocky planet that orbits the sum and that our perceptual interpretation of what looks like observed reality is plenty good enough for survival but woefully inaccurate in terms of the truth of reality.

Genesis offers up the horrifically violent tale of one brother killing the other in an impulsive act of jealousy and rage. So within the first few paragraphs of Genesis we have an all powerful God creator followed by seduction, betrayal, shame, guilt, expulsion and murder.

Sadly, except perhaps for the miraculous creator part, the darker early themes in Genesis seem alive and present in today’s world.

Darwin’s ground breaking On the Origin of Species posits pressures exerted by survival of the fittest competition for limited resources as the driving engine of evolutionary diversification, creation and progression of species.

What if we are here to transcend the violent godless world of evolution where prey is devoured by predator which then becomes prey for another species and so forth up the survival based food chain? What if we are not actually our bodies or our thoughts or feelings? What if we can see and live peacefully beyond the illusions and delusions of our limited perceptual capacities?

According to QM, we the unified collective observer creates all that we see and misconstrue as objective reality. What is real is our presence (or “presencing”) and what is unreal is all we project therefrom. It’s not as though I won’t die if run over by a bus. The truth, however, is that my embodied existence on earth would cease to be viable and the only true I, the is-ing of my is-ness, would continue uninterrupted.

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*After writing the above musings, I came across a book called Genesis Revisited by Sitchin in which he details many of science’s latest findings that were already known some 5,000 years ago and written in cuneiform clay tablets by the Sumerians. (please see https://www.amazon.com/Genesis-Revisited-Chronicles-Zecharia-Sitchin/dp/0380761599/ref=pd_sim_14_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0380761599&pd_rd_r=NK3HX3JGPDHYRKJYKV89&pd_rd_w=NAMLb&pd_rd_wg=MTuIk&psc=1&refRID=NK3HX3JGPDHYRKJYKV89)



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