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Quantum mechanics was first introduced by theoretical physicists at the turn of the last century. Despite it being the most researched and validated theory in the history of physics, scientists and academics the world over have been unwilling to fully embrace its radically metaphysical reinterpretation of reality and the underlying quantum energy field that comprises the fabric of all space and time.

Maybe the unscientific resistance to its own post-modern truth is because it returns science back to something closer to the mystical teachings of the Dark Ages it replaced ushering in the Enlightenment to the west back in the 15th century. I suggest this because Quantum theory REQUIRES a god-like Observer to create everything we can see, hear smell, taste and feel! And that everything in creation from nothing!

Nothing (no-thing) is another word for the metaphysical nature of the quantum zero-point energy field from which all of physical materiality emerges and to which it ultimately returns. Maybe we resist fully embracing Quantum theory because it parallels a bit too closely the creation story in Genesis in which the unnamed God of the Hebrew Bible (who tells Moses to refer to Him as, “I am That I am”) that created everything from “the Void” and finally He created human beings in His own Image!

Maybe because science is based in logic and can validate only that which is detectable or measurable by the five human senses, and is based entirely in the notion of objective truth and an objective physical universe that exists separate and completely independent of subjective human consciousness, and most painful of all based in the fundamental positivistic belief that physical objects, though made up of 99.99% empty space, are separate and self-contained.

On a human scale, science insists that we human beings live entirely separate live and by definition we are separate from any abstract and unverifiable notion of a Creator from whom we remain separate and alone. This exposes relative inhumanity of science in  that all of what makes life interesting and meaningful, our personal experiences, our private thoughts and feelings, our love for others, etc. do not technically exist in any certain sense as  as they are outside the purview of direct scientific observation and study!

Maybe in the last analysis it is just too much woo woo and hubris for we scientifically minded thinkers to own the Quantum truth that we are inseparable from the Observing Consciousness that created and continues to create this vast universe that always and already in continual evolving and based on our shared observing and informing presence!

Our perception of an objective physical reality as undeniable, fundamental and foundational to science is likely the latest of simple human perceptions or reality to be proven incorrect and necessitating a radical paradigm shift that we as a collective of human consciousness must eventually embrace (as we eventually did when we learned the earth was not flat despite it seeming so; that the sun, moon, planets and stars did not revolve around us, or that we were the the masters or our own mind and not the unrelenting force of our unconscious emotional ego, etc.) the mysterious realm of quantum mechanics and general relativity which superseded Newtonian materialist physics at the turn of the last century.

We as self-aware conscious human beings are by virtue of quantum mathematical definition the very co-creators who subjectively create and created all of space and time and all the manifested materiality of all the galaxies, stars and planets within the vast universe, including of course our home planet earth which is in spacetime context an almost infinitesimally tiny spec in an incomprehensibly large but finite universe according to scientists who calculate the universe to be continually expanding since it is thought to have come into being with a bang 13.7 billion earth years ago.

We know according to science that even in the inescapable and unimaginable atom tearing gravitational forces within the event horizon of all super-massive black holes located at the center of all known galaxies, that the information carried by all the matter sucked in and destroyed remains intact and unharmed in orbit just outside the event horizon. In a very real sense then, information continues in-forming our expanding universe that is always and already in-formation.

The information left behind my all matter that has ever existed in the universe is stored in a library of sorts that mystics as far back as recorded civilization have referred to as the Akashic Field (please see Ervin Laszlo’s wonderful book, “Science and the Akashic Field,  An Integral Theory of Everything,” 2nd Edition 2007).

This vast and always expanding storehouse of universal information is thought by those who believe in such things as the very purpose of the creation of space and time to begin with  — to inform the eternal observer about Itself via the felt thought forms we self-aware conscious beings leave behind as residue as universes populate, grow, dissolve via entropy and bang out now ones that keep the endless supply on information flowing!

The primacy of consciousness as a non-dual realm superordinate to science which is grounded in material duality, the language of mathematics, mental logic, and the five known human senses.Consciousness, intuition and intent are but a few examples of everyday experience well beyond the experimental measuring capability of natural science.

In fact, a unified theory of relativity and quantum mechanics that Einstein failed to find is precisely on point in that the field of unity in question is a full order of magnitude larger than the scientific realm that produced and verified both game changing theories in the first place! 

My professional intent is to apply the untapped and holistic healing potential of quantum theory to the fields of psychology and neuropsychology as well as to new and significantly more effective approaches to mind/body/brain wellness, treatment and integration with medical practice, including the treatment of addiction as an overarching dysfunctional  behavioral pattern inherent in the imbalance of work, play & love in the western world.

more to follow…

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  • Clement Papazian says:

    I read your blog entries, your description of yourself and your work. The whole experience ( -especially with the photos of you ) is wonderful; “masterful,” is the word that comes to mind as I read your blog entries and I think taken together, you may have a book in you!

    Interestingly, as I was reading your words in bed this morning, I considered the previous evening…It was a night of socializing with my partner , her sister and a couple of close pals that serendipitously dropped by for food and drink in my backyard. The sun was shining in on me as memories of the previous evening flickered past. Then my cat jumped up on the bed nestled in at my side, purring loudly with recognition and deep comfort…

    In this context, I read your lines about the limits of duality and my mind became more elastic in the consideration of living a life trapped in time but with an awareness of non-duality…

    …and in that moment, unencumbered by time and space, I revisited my pals of the previous evening, my partner, her sister, you and the cat and there was no boundary; just the feelings of deep gratitude at the preciousness of it all and the body warmth I’ve come to recognize as “loving” washed over me…

    But then life dragged me back like a tide. I needed to urinate. I needed to eat. The hour was getting late and there were things to be done. Tonight I will need to work and became preoccupied with what i will need to do with the day as that event horizon approaches…-and my warm, glowy feelings of seconds before evaporated.

    …I made some breakfast and picked up my device. Terry Gross and Fresh Air was cued up on my podcast list. I began listening to her interview with Haroon Moghul, who has written a new book, “How to be a Good Muslim” ( I’ve attached the interview if you’re curious ).

    He studied philosophy at NYU and talks about the Muslim faith in the way a lot of great and broad thinkers talk about the philosophical underpinnings of religion which gets at the core empathic, non-dualistic, organizing aspects of faith based traditions. At about 14:20 in the interview he starts talking to Terry about the difficulty of being a Muslim in the context of the 911 attacks. He apparently went to Dubai and had a transformative experience listening to an Imam pray about falling short as a “good Muslim.” He found that having “a transformative experience of the personal and intimate relationship with God ” ( to my ears, living in non-duality ) was often lacking in the practices of Islam. He found that spiritually as a practice was a struggle to reach a different point in your life and the Imam had openly and candidly expressed his insufficiencies; how time and again he had fallen short. The author found this expression to be deeply moving. He had never encountered such vulnerability in religion. Religious leaders were typically presented as if they had figured it out; like there was never any doubt. But this Imam was talking about how he came up short as a Muslim. The author had never heard spiritual shortcomings experienced in such a frank, open fashion. He then spoke about his journey exploring other religions including atheism. He questioned everything and was a bad atheist insofar as he was never able to live in a universe with no creator. He ultimately returned to Islam to bring together religious traditions he was exploring. Islam allowed him to stitch together the different parts of his life and faith traditions…

    But isn’t this the quandary everyone faces? Don’t we all struggle between the polarities of the dual and non-dual? If we look at the broad philosophical brush strokes of all religious traditions; the underpinnings, isn’t the way forward really about having the conversation? The limits of our bodies force keep jamming us back into the realm of the dual. The capacity to keep and sustain the conversation however can raise a consciousness guided by the non-dual; -but it’s crazy-hard work to stay in that place! I can have appreciation and acknowledgement that there is no separation in time and space between my pals, cat, Grace, the homeless guy down the street, the chair, you and the device I’m typing on right now, but I still need to respond to demands in the here and now. I see the struggle to bridge that gap and the conversation ensuing forth as the force that propels us forward as a specie toward enlightenment.

    Your blog, the struggle of Moghul, my moments of loving acknowledgement ( as contrasted with the forces that draw me away from that ) are discourse in the tension between dual and non-dual. The capacity for sustained engagement in the discourse itself then, probably becomes the “Holy Grail” of enlightenment for humanity..??
    We all know how hard that is to do. It’s what the Imam was saying when he was taking about spiritual shortcomings. But it is living precisely within that tension and sharing that experience that I think is the place to be.

    I would suggest that your work and your blog are doing exactly that: raising consciousness, keeping a conversation,
    acknowledging the tension between the dual and the non-dual and insofar as we can keep the non-dual in our awareness, we may be able to sustain empathy, treat others with gratitude and loving kindness and slowly change the world we live in?? By the way, this is what all the great religions purport to do. -Easier said than done…

    • ken says:

      Dearest Clem,
      I cannot thank you enough for your astoundingly powerful personal entry — I am moved beyond words and extremely grateful for your friendship.
      Your brother from another tribe, same origin, Ken

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