In the Shadow of Eden

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Is a New Golden Age coming? Is the long awaited messianic end of times about to unfold before our very eyes?  Is the threat of return to a Dark Age of Tribal Fundamentalism and a looming extinction level event, both on a global scale, enough to awaken our collective human consciousness?  Are we on the threshold of a new world order based in the love, generosity and reciprocal empathy we have yearned for ever since our expulsion from the metaphorical Garden of Eden?

Perhaps we cannot un-bite the apple that gave us self-aware knowledge of good and evil however what if we could return to the river that flowed from Eden with maturity, wisdom and dialectical acceptance allowing us to begin anew with loving kindness grounded in forgiveness and mutual compassion?

What if Cain was not jealous of his brother Abel’s success in currying the favor of God but instead simply asked his brother for help joining him in the bounty they could share in and prosper in together? Would the vengeful and judging God of the Judeo-Christian Bible and of the Kor’an transform into the loving, compassionate and forgiving God of Rabbi Jeshua’s alleged teachings per the Gnostic Gospels? Or perhaps the cycle of downfall to rebirth and back again is the inevitable flow of a more circular wheel of history and nature of the human struggle as we multiply forward and swell en masse into the billions at the start of a new millennium if you go by the Greco-Roman Christian calendar?

We seem to be at an historical crossroads eerily similar to the 1930s rise of fascism leading to WWII and the change and unrest of the 1960s. The clash today seems to be about the established forces of the Status Quo in terms of continuing and violent exploitation of peoples and land resources via the entrenched and biased in favor of the privileged few Capitalistic world order v. the boiling over of anger and hatred of the exploited masses rooted in Nationalistic movements and the equally violent ethno-religious Tribalism and the accompanying return to radical fundamentalism and wanton terrorist violence. A so-called and reductive clash of civilizations with lines drawn in the oily sand and water flows of ancient geographic power differentials meets the unprecedented global interconnectedness of people and ideologies and nations below respective governmental control and propaganda.

Will instant access to one another as well as to all of human knowledge in precedented scale dwarfing the famed library of Alexandria  and approaching the depth and level of the Akashec records (however grounded in historical records of seeming factual truths of varying perceptual interpretations, some mythical in nature and/or wholly made-up) but entirely dependent of an electrical grid and satellite technology all vulnerable to instant black-out and regression to pre-industrial societal structure or lack thereof…

Have we crossed an invisible threshold of imbalance leading to an inevitable large scale extinction level event and impending purge of life fighting for survival on a feverish planet earth? While terrifying and uncertain to say the least, might this be a necessary destructive cleansing clearing the way for renewal and rebirth?

Does there need to be darkness and regression to the worst in us before we awaken to the light and love of our better selves?

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